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About Kaltur UK

(2015) ON-LINE SELLING: This year we open our on-line shop to let everybody in United Kingdom to buy Spanish food and wines directly brought from the producers back in Spain. A new business channel with the British public that now makes possible to purchase your favorite products straightaway from your house with all the payment security provided by PayPal. Spanish food and wines are taken to your step door by our transport partner with no trouble for you. 

(2014) FOOD DISTRIBUTION: Kaltur has become a Spanish food distribution company covering the northern areas of the United Kingdom having customers in Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow and many other smaller locations like Darlington and Harrogate. Now Kaltur distributes many different kinds of Spanish food and Spanish wines. We have also matured to have the capacity to distribute fresh food under a strict temperature control. 

(2012) ORIGINS: After more than 4 generations, the family decides in the year 2003 the formalization of the root company Olivares Campo de Jódar S.L. under which we keep on developing the harvesting activity of our own olive groves. These are located in the town of Jódar; it is located in Sierra Mágina natural park in Jaén (Spain).

It was 2011 when Olivares Campo de Jodar S.L., under the brand Kaltur (which was how Jódar was known in the times of Iberians) and relying on an excellent olive oils selection made in the co-op to which we belong, the company decides to undertake the new projects of olive oils packaging and distribution.

In this way, thanks to the knowledge acquired generation after generation on one hand, and leaning on the entrepreneurial spirit of the last generation on the other, we embarked on a process that took us from the collection of the fruit to the classification of olive oils and the packaging and the commercialization, with the major effort of delivering all over the world the kind of olive oils that were in demand.

During the time we have been meeting clients, we have learned about the global interest in high quality products, and so we started to select many other Spanish vegetable products besides olive oils like artichokes, peppers, asparagus, green baby beans...

Today we granted ourselves mature relationships with the best rural growers back in Spain which have allowed us to present our clients the highest quality product they may find in the market. We confidently can say that we have a deep knowledge of the process all our products suffer from the moment they are in the field to the moment they are in the market.